Jan Rase, Bansuri/Vocals

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Early on, Jan played keyboard and saxophone in a myriad of bands, with musical styles ranging from Metal and Funk, to Jazz and World Music. In 1993, he heard the Indian Bansuri bamboo flute for the first time while in India. Fascinated by the warm, airy tone it produces, the Bansuri became a significant instrument for him from that point on, and greatly influenced his musical direction.

As a session musician, Jan worked with artists such as the internationally recognized Dancehall Reggae band, Seeed, among others. In his own recording studio, Tonicum Music (, he has composed and produced film scores, and countless other projects, in addition to operating his own music label, Tonicum Records ( Jan’s music tours have already brought him to Italy, France and Japan.


Tilman Hintze, Piano

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Tilman Hintze studied classical and jazz piano in Hamburg, Berlin and New York, and went on to be named the Grand Prize Winner at the Leipzig Jazz Days Festival. He played piano and keyboards in numerous Jazz, Blues, and Rock Pop bands in the Berlin music scene, and works arranging and composing for theater and film in Berlin and Schwedt. Music tours have brought him as far as Lithuania, Benin and Cape Verde. To date, Tilman has released two CDs with his solo project, The Yuma, a band that combines his passion for jazz, soul, and Cuban music.


André Tack, Tabla/Percussion

André studied jazz guitar at MGI (Munich Guitar Institute) in Cologne, before he discovered his passion for improvisational music and World Percussion while studying Music Therapy in the Netherlands. He studied Indian Tablas, an instrument that more than captivated him, under the tutelage of Ravi Srinivasan. In addition, André dedicated himself to discovering archetypes in music and movement, and delved into psycho-spiritual development and work with the Enneagram of Personality. Currently, André also works as a Music and Gestalt Therapist in his own practice, and plays regularly for 5Rhythms Dance Workshops (developed by Gabrielle Roth) with musicians from Sweden and Denmark.


Dirk Homuth, Guitar

Dirk has worked as an independent musician in Berlin since the tender age of 18. He honed his chops in different band formations on the Berlin Jazz scene, covering musical styles from Swing to Modern Jazz. Ultimately, Dirk felt himself more drawn to song-oriented music and has played with the likes of German-Israeli avante-garde pop band, Ofrin, with internationally acclaimed songwriter, Oren Lavie, and with French singer-songwriter, Corinne Douarre, with whom he continues to collaborate. Dirk has produced three albums with his own band, Almost Charlie (


Bernd Kuchenbecker, Contrabass

Bernd Kuchenbecker has been playing upright bass on stages around the planet since he was 14. He started his first band, together with Jan Rase, and filled the role of the singer – since he didn’t yet have an electric bass! After many detours, and many lessons along the way, Bernd studied upright bass with Thomas Grossman and Ed Schuller at the “Hanns Eisler” music college in Berlin. He recorded CDs of his own compositions, and played with countless amazing Jazz and Blues musicians like Little Willie Littlefield, Jimmy Smith, Marty Grosz and Martin Weiss.



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